Course Features

Language input is crucial to any language learning process, and in this course, you will listen to short excerpts around common everyday topics.

The graded listening audio is designed to help you improve your listening, reading, vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation skills. All in one course.

To help you develop these skills. You should...

  1. Preview the key vocabulary words.
  2. Listen to the audio without subtitles.
  3. Do the listening comprehension quiz.
  4. Listen to the audio with subtitles and check your understanding.
  5. Practice reading the script to improve your pronunciation.

We've also made every learning resource downloadable. So you can download the videos and watch/listen to them on your phones.

Sample listening (with subtitles)

Here's a sample lesson from the course.

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More course content will be drip-fed over the coming weeks.

Listen, Read & Understand